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Electric boat Arviro 10

Electric boat Arviro 10

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Whether you sail for fun or on a professional basis, it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable power supply for all the electrical equipment to properly function, even in the middle of the sea. Victron Energy offers a broad range of products that are extremely suitable for your on board power system. We proudly present you our modern translation for freedom and independence. 

Electric boat Arviro 10

This 10 meter aluminium boat is designed for adventurous couples and individuals wanting to enjoy the most beautiful places and waters with respect for the environment, without worrying about weather or distance.
The boat is fully electric thanks to the solar panels on the rooftop, a Victron Quattro and   28,5 kWh Iithium battery pack. The boat is equipped with all kinds of comfort to make the boat trip as pleasant as possible.

Biking the Atlantic

Imagine, if you will, that at age sixteen you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. You would likely find yourself in a prejudiced and confusing world. Being caught in thoughts remote from the accepted world. It could be a worry that any usual understanding may seem impossible to regain. How fantastic then, that sport can play a key role in beating such a crisis.

For Mads Fabricius this is the case, as he continues to beat schizophrenia. In fact sport has become a central point in his life, not only in his treatment but also in his personal growth. It has helped him to gain control of his thoughts and move toward a better quality of life.

Kokkelkotters op De Waddenzee

De Waddenzee is een uniek gebied in het zuidoostelijke deel van de Noordzee. Het is beroemd om de enorme hoeveelheid steltlopers, eenden en zeehonden die de Waddenzee als hun thuisbasis zien. In 2009 werd het toegevoegd aan de UNESCO Wereld erfgoedlijst. De Waddenzee kent grote getijdenstromingen, slik en diepe geulen. Een gebied, dat ideaal is voor de groei van kokkels.