Een vergelijking tussen Mono, Poly, PERC en Dubbele PV-modules.

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Installatie datum: 09-03-2020


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --

* Dit is een veldtest en de resultaten zijn specifiek voor deze installatie op deze locatie,Onderzoek wat de beste oplossing is voor uw eigen situatie, aangezien de resultaten verschillen op basis van omgevingsinvloeden.

Zelfvoorzienend- en noodstroomsysteem

Aangedreven door knowhow

Solar array in the desert

Zelfvoorzienend- en noodstroomsysteem

How do you build scalable, cost-effective and robust off-grid systems that provide peace of mind?

The solution is powered by know-how. With over 45 years of experience we’ve learnt what it takes to build backup and off-grid systems that stand the test of time and the environment. Our customers value the reassurance that our power solutions deliver knowing they have our worldwide network of authorised dealers by their side. They know we don’t cut corners, they know our family run business is built on a foundation of trust they can always depend on.
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Bewezen robuuste zelfvoorzienende technologie
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Compleet assortiment voor alle uitdagingen
5 years warranty
5-jaar garantie op hardware
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45 jaar knowhow
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Wereldwijde ondersteuning
Victron Energy Quattro's

Bewezen technologie

zorgt voor gemoedsrust.

Every reliable off-grid system needs to match its case specific challenges, such as system load characteristics, end-user behaviour, local climate aspects, and so forth. After decades of mastering power challenges with innovation, we know how to create a wide range of robust connected products that keep performing, even in the harshest of climates. Our fully trained network of local Authorised Victron Energy installers coupled with our 5/10* year warranties will provide peace of mind for years to come.
* Our standard 5 year warranty is upgradable to 10 years by an additional 10% of the initial investment.

Complete besturing overal vandaan.

Overal nieuwe mogelijkheden.

Customer using Victron Remote Monitoring app
Victron’s off-grid abilities are simply unmatched, especially when it comes down to easy and intuitive remote management of highly sophisticated systems. Thanks to the know-how that powers our connected products, you can monitor and optimise your system, prevent and resolve challenges from our App and VRM portal from wherever you are. Our remote monitoring solutions offer new business opportunities such as pro-active service and maintenance contracts.

Voorbeeld oplossingen

With Victron Energy you have one of the widest ranges of power supply equipment available that can power any type of off-grid challenge. Our up-to-date solutions counter most off-grid issues and can be fine-tuned to your specific needs. The possibilities are endless, here are a few examples to start with:
Solar panels on the roof of a residential home

Residentiële noodstroom- en energieopslag

No more power interruptions, even if the grid fails. Let the sun pay your energy bill.

Solar panels in a field

Kleine zelfvoorzienende klinieken en ziekenhuizen

Zonne-energie om altijd en overal levens te redden.

Eco-farmer amidst his crops

Zelfvoorzienende eco-landbouw.

Grow a sustainable business with a modular system that grows with it.

Luxery eco-lodge

Luxe zelfvoorzienende verblijven

Duurzame stroom voor een onbezorgde vakantie.

What is the difference between a backup system, an Energy Storage System and an Off-grid system?
A backup system powers the critical loads for the duration of the expected downtime. An Energy Storage System powers the base load with solar during the day and stores excess solar energy to power through the evening and night enabling self-consumption, the grid assists in powering peak consumers or on grey days. An off-grid system powers all loads 24/7 based on worst case scenarios as there is no reliance on a grid. It is possible to start with a backup system and become more and more self-sufficient.
Hoe afgelegen populaties van stroom te voorzien met PAYGo, micro- en nano-netwerken.
Our PAYGo off-grid products provide attractive business opportunities for Energy Access and PAYGo providers. From the smallest pre-pay systems to powering communities or even entire villages: with Victron Energy you can power it all. See how unequalled reliability converts into secure investments.

Typisch zelfvoorzienend systeem

Hoe we gemoedsrust bereiken door middel van een zelfvoorzienend systeem.

Thanks to the feedback loop we have with our partners and clients and decades of mastering power challenges with innovation, our off-grid know-how and capability means we can promise Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.


It’s not one thing that makes it all work.

Our modular, robust and connected off-grid systems have been proven to deliver unequalled reliability time and time again, even in the harshest of climates. It’s our unique combination of up-to-date hardware and software, intelligent monitoring Apps, our network of highly trained Authorised professionals and widespread repair centres that makes Victron systems unbeatable systems.


Slechte stroom.
Great load protection.

Generators or even the grid in some regions may provide bad quality power: voltage drops, or frequency shifts can negatively impact the lifespan of your appliances and thus your investments. Victron’s extremely resilient inverter/chargers protect your loads like a vault, monitoring the incoming power on all parameters. Our Professional duty inverters safely power sensitive electronics thanks to the pure Sine Wave. They come with a very high peak power performance so heavy machines and variable loads can be powered problem free.


Intelligente bewaking betekent geoptimaliseerde systemen

Monitoring is crucial to fine tune and optimise energy harvest and use based on ever changing circumstances. With Victron you can experience the power of know-how right from your hand. Through our industry leading and free VictronConnect app, you always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are. With our App and VRM portal you can monitor the complete system, change settings and catch potential issues early by programming alerts and alarms.


Bouw het op de juiste manier.
Stel het in. Breid het uit

Victron’s off-grid abilities are simply unmatched, which gives our customers the ability to build, configure and scale a backup, ESS, or off-grid systems exactly to their wishes. From the smallest hut to the largest resorts, our off-grid systems start from 500W and can virtually provide unlimited power through parallel operation. Three or split phase operations are also possible. Our modular setup means you could start small and scale later to stay on par with rising power demands.


De open architectuur
betekent keuze.

We believe that offering choice to our customers is crucial. Great efforts are made to ensure a deep and problem free integration with a long list of third party managed battery brands, AC-PV manufacturers and more. Managed batteries can be integrated through our GX devices in minutes. AC-PV inverters are supported directly after installing a software assistant on our inverters. We are proud to closely work together with many of the leading brands. The global recognition for our efforts only pushes us further, giving ‘seamless’ even more meaning.


Afgesloten van elektriciteitsnet
betekent lokale expertise.

Every off-grid system is different and different locations present unique challenges. That is why Authorised Victron Professionals are trained with the highest level of know-how. Their local expertise is also vital. All the variables need to be considered with regard to the local climate and local costs of solar panels, battery banks, etc. This is why designing an off-grid system is a local Authorised Victron Installers job. If repairs are required, our worldwide repair network covers even the most remote areas with a quick service.

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Private stroomvoorziening

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Zelfvoorzienend Mountaintop Reggae-studio

What if the grid can’t provide enough power for your beach house?
Irrigatie op zonne-energie door een zelfvoorzienende infrastructuur met 270 kVA
Hoe u de afhankelijkheid van aggregaten kunt minimaliseren en de stroomzekerheid kunt vergroten.
Hoe dit hybride systeem van 135 kVA een indrukwekkend verblijf mogelijk maakt
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Our global network of highly trained distributors, installers and service partners are always on hand. From basic advice, installation recommendations, after-care service through to technical support, Victron Energy team, partners and community are always by your side.

Thanks to feedback, knowledge-sharing and data, we innovate 24/7. Being powered by know-how keeps us going, and our users going, ensuring investment returns and peace of mind for years to come.

Victron Professional die de functionaliteit aan een klant uitlegt Installateur die de werking van Victron Energy-producten controleert Verantwoordelijke die toezicht houdt op de installatie van zonnepanelen
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Download our Off-Grid, Backup & Storage Systems system examples booklet.
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Multiplus-II GX omvormer/acculader met ingebouwde connectiviteit

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Zorg voor een goede bedrading met Wiring Unlimited


Bereken ruwweg de grootte van de zonnepanelen, accu en omvormer.

SmartSolar MPPT RS 48 V

Our latest high-voltage MPPT for large solar arrays is redefining MPPT solar chargers.

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See all our Off-Grid and Backup products and more configurations.

Altijd in perfecte beheersing

Altijd perfect onder controle met VictronConnect en VRM

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Real time inzicht, volledige beheersing.

Victron VRM

Uitgebreide remote instellingen, bewaking en besturing
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Real time inzicht, volledige beheersing.
Quickly configure, monitor and diagnose smart products with the VictronConnect app. Its remote function lets you connect to your GX-enabled system from wherever you are, so you can optimise its performance and prevent issues remotely.
Gebruikersinterface van VictronConnect Gebruikersinterface van VictronConnect
Meer informatie
Uitgebreide remote instellingen, bewaking en besturing
Offers the highest level of control - enabling preventive maintenance and after-sale services. Multiple systems can easily be remotely monitored, big-data insights are fed through and alerts can be set to prevent definitive system failure.
Gebruikersinterface van Victron VRM Gebruikersinterface van Victron VRM

Vraag uw plaatselijke Victron Energy-dealer

Do you have a question about a product, or do you wish to have a system installed on-site? Your local Victron dealer is trained to translate your exact needs into robust solutions.

Vertrouw op onze wereldwijde service

Thanks to the help of a carefully selected and well trained global network of authorised dealers, our customers can count on a swift service and our large, worldwide repair network that covers even the most remote areas with a fast service.