Independent power supply

The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® offers independent power supply, wherever it may be required. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® own consumption system is an uninterrupted AC Power (UPS function) system, switching from inverter to shore or generator and back is automatic and so fast (within 20 milliseconds) that computers and other connected equipment are unaffected and continue to operate as normal. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® Systems are normally not connected to the grid.

Furthermore VIC-SONNESPEICHER® systems specifically designed as an independent power supply for outdoor use in remote areas with no mains supply (autonomous Isle Solution) are developed and sold.

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel connection. To achieve high power solutions, several VIC-SONNESPEICHER® can be connected together, for increased inverter and charger output.

For example, 10 VIC-SONNESPEICHER® 15.0 models will provide an output of 150 kVA (and double that for a few seconds to start heavy loads) and 1500 A of battery charging. Continiously output power up to 3 x 100 kVA.

The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® system is a „ready to go“ solution, with a worldwide service withhin 24 hours.  VIC-SONNESPEICHER® provides a full technical service around the world, in many different languages.